Children's Christmas Musical

December 8, 2019 6:00pm

Address: Dresden First Baptist, PO Box 176, 490 Morrow St, Dresden, TN US 38225

The Christmas Express is performed by DFBC Children, Youth, and Adult Musical Groups.

All aboard! Every Christmas Eve the passengers on the Christmas Express make the journey to Bethlehem, Pennsylvania to celebrate the birth of Christ with a grand pageant. The question is, who will God choose to ride the train on this special night, and what kind of adventure will unfold? Come along as the jolly, joyful train conductor welcomes Mrs. Davis and her students, along with a hard-working waitress named Jenny. The mood is high until Mr. Theodore Higginsworth, III — a businessman who doesn't believe in "fairy tales" – boards the train. Only when the Christmas Express comes to a sudden stop and an unexpected stranger comes on board does Mr. Higginsworth realize that the story of Christmas isn't only a story.

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