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02/06/2019Dr. Don McCulley A Lesson on Prayer
Wednesday Night Luke 18:1-14
Jesus teaches on prayer.
2-6-19A Lesson on Prayer.pdf Download 2-6-19A Lesson on Prayer.pdf
Download A_Lesson_on_Prayer_2019-02-06.mp3
04/21/2019Dr. Don McCulley And The Angels Spoke
Sunday Morning Luke 24:5-6
An Easter Message
4-21-19amAnd the Angels Spoke.pdf Download 4-21-19amAnd the Angels Spoke.pdf
Download And_The_Angels_Spoke_2019-04-21.mp3
04/07/2019Dr. Don McCulley At the Cross
Sunday Morning Luke 23:26-43
The story of Jesus
4-7-19amAtTheCross.pdf Download 4-7-19amAtTheCross.pdf
Download At_The_Cross_2019-04-07.mp3
04/14/2019Dr. Don McCulley Back to the Cross
Sunday Morning Luke 23:44-56
The story of Jesus
4-14-19amBackToTheCross.pdf Download 4-14-19amBackToTheCross.pdf
Download Back_To_The_Cross_2019-04-14.mp3
05/12/2019Dr. Don McCulley Being a Moses Mom
Sunday Morning Exodus 2:1-11
A message for Mom.
5-5-19amAMessageforMom.pdf Download 5-5-19amAMessageforMom.pdf
Download Being_a_Moses_Mom_2019-05-12.mp3
03/03/2019Dr. Don McCulley Can't You Read The Sign?
Sunday Morning Luke 21:5-38
The signs of the end times
3-3-19amcan'tyoureadthesign.pdf Download 3-3-19amcan'tyoureadthesign.pdf
Download Can_t_You_Read_The_Signs_2019-03-03.mp3

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 Judges 9:26 (NKJ)
Now Gaal the son of Ebed came with his brothers and went over to Shechem; and the men of Shechem put their confidence in him.
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