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02/03/2019Dr. Don McCulley Insights About The Kingdom of God
Sunday Morning Luke 17:20-37
Jesus' teaching on the Kingdom
2-3-19aminsightsaboutthekingdomofGod.pdf Download 2-3-19aminsightsaboutthekingdomofGod.pdf
Download Insights_About_the_Kingdom_of_God._2019-02-03.mp3
02/03/2019Bro Wayne Perkins Smyrna-The Church Under Fire
Sunday Evening Revelation 2:8-11
2019 Winter Bible Study
2-3-19pmSMYRNA.pdf Download 2-3-19pmSMYRNA.pdf
Download Smyrna-The_Church_Under_Fire_2019-02-03.mp3
02/06/2019Dr. Don McCulley A Lesson on Prayer
Wednesday Night Luke 18:1-14
Jesus teaches on prayer.
2-6-19A Lesson on Prayer.pdf Download 2-6-19A Lesson on Prayer.pdf
Download A_Lesson_on_Prayer_2019-02-06.mp3
02/10/2019Dr. Don McCulley The Eleventh Commandment
Sunday Evening John 13:34-35
Brotherhood Service
2-10-19pmtheeleventhcommandment.pdf Download 2-10-19pmtheeleventhcommandment.pdf
Download The_Eleventh_Commandment_2019-02-10.mp3
02/10/2019Dr. Don McCulley The Great Reward
Sunday Morning Luke 18:15-43
The story of Jesus
2-10-19amthegreatreward.pdf Download 2-10-19amthegreatreward.pdf
Download The_Great_Reward_2019-02-10.mp3
02/13/2019Dr. Don McCulley Speaking on God's Behalf
Wednesday Night Job 36:2
Eight words that pack a punch
2-13-19Speaking on God.pdf Download 2-13-19Speaking on God.pdf
Download Speaking_On_God_s_Behalf_2019-02-13.mp3

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 Jeremiah 44:18 (NKJ)
"But since we stopped burning incense to the queen of heaven and pouring out drink offerings to her, we have lacked everything and have been consumed by the sword and by famine."
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