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03/17/2019 Special Guest-Eduardo Garcia
Sunday Evening
Pastor from Honduras-WCBA Mission connection
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03/17/2019Dr. Don McCulley Lessons Learned from the Lord of Lords
Sunday Morning Luke 22:7-38
Jesus' farewell discourse.
3-17-19amLessonsLearned.pdf Download 3-17-19amLessonsLearned.pdf
Download Lessons_Learned_From_the_Lord_of_Lords_2019-03-17.mp3
03/13/2019Dr. Don McCulley The Beginning of the End
Wednesday Night Luke 22:1-6
Luke's story of Jesus
3-13-19The Beginning of the End.pdf Download 3-13-19The Beginning of the End.pdf
Download The_Beginning_Of_The_End_2019-03-13.mp3
03/10/2019Bro Wayne Perkins The New Birth
Sunday Morning John 3:1-8
3-10-19amTHE NEW BIRTH.pdf Download 3-10-19amTHE NEW BIRTH.pdf
Download The_New_Birth_2019-03-10.mp3
03/10/2019 March Business Meeting
Sunday Evening
Download Business_Mtg_2019-03-10.mp3
03/06/2019Dr. Don McCulley Sending Hope
Wednesday Night 1 Peter 1:3
A missions' message
3-6-19Sending Hope.pdf Download 3-6-19Sending Hope.pdf
Download Sending_Hope_2019-03-06.mp3

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 Matthew 21:12 (NKJ)
Then Jesus went into the temple of God and drove out all those who bought and sold in the temple, and overturned the tables of the money changers and the seats of those who sold doves.
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